In permanent liaison with your usual interlocutors (chartered accountant, auditor, notary), we bring all our expertise in the field of VAT, an area in which we have developed a know-how of excellence.


  • Analysis, study and validation of VAT regimes applicable to transactions carried out
  • Review of VAT documentation and associated legal acts
  • Carrying out VAT audits – main objectives:
    • assessment of the company’s performance with regard to the VAT rules in force (i.e. its degree of exposure to VAT risk and its ability to contain its tax burden),
    • and mapping identified risks and opportunities
  • Tax engineering (design, implementation of complex projects, negotiation assistance with tax departments, support and coordination with internal teams)
  • Request for rulings: official referral to the tax and/or customs administration services on specific situations
  • Assistance in declarative mechanisms (business VAT returns)
  • Coordination work in the context of multi-country VAT analyses and restitution of a deliverable