Olivier Cortez

+33 (0)1 72 28 35 63

Olivier practices in the field of tax advice and litigation, particularly in the real estate, insurance, retail and industrial sectors. He also assists his clients in lobbying actions or negotiations with the tax authorities.

Olivier worked at Bureau Francis Lefebvre from 1990 to 2002, including two years in the Brussels office (Loyens-Loeff network). In 2002, he joined Landwell & Associés (PwC Avocats) and led the VAT Customs Department as a partner until the end of 2010. In 2011, Olivier founded the law firm Hedeos with Stéphane.

Olivier is a member of the Association of European VAT Practitioners (APTE).


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Stéphane Malmonté

+ 33 (0)1 72 28 35 65

Stéphane assists companies in the implementation of their global policies in terms of transaction taxation (VAT, indirect taxation and customs law).

Stéphane has also developed expertise in tax litigation (rulings, negotiations with tax services and court proceedings).

Stéphane began his career at Arthur Andersen Legal and then in the VAT/Custom team of Landwell & Associés (PwC Avocats). In 2011, Stéphane founded Hedeos Société d’Avocats with Olivier.

Member of the IACF, Stéphane regularly provides in-company training on indirect taxation.


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Sophie Degrandi

+ 33 (0)1 72 28 35 64

Sophie has developed her consulting expertise thanks to regular support for her clients in the implementation of their indirect tax operations: audit, tax compliance, tax audits, rulings and litigation. She also intervenes in the field of payroll tax and C3S.

Sophie began her career with Stéphane in team of Arthur Andersen Legal. Editor specialized in VAT at Editions Francis Lefebvre from 2002 to 2007, she then joined the VAT Customs department of Landwell & Associés (PwC Law Firm) and VAT team in EY Law Firm before joining Hedeos Law Firm in early 2019.

Member of the French Association of Women Tax Planners (A3F), Sophie regularly provides in-company training on indirect taxation.

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Hedeos is a business law firm exclusively dedicated to indirect taxation and customs law. Hedeos also intervenes in local taxation and transactions.

A high-end and independent firm, Hedeos assists entrepreneurs, their companies (listed or not) and groups of French and international companies, both in advice and tax litigation.

In perfect collaboration with the usual stakeholders of companies (chartered accountant, auditor, notary, consultant and advisor), Hedeos’ partners and collaborators combine know-how to meet the requirements and objectives of their clients.

Created in 2011 by lawyers with a professional practice of more than 20 years in renowned national and international law firms, Hedeos now relies on a network of trusted partners, recognized professionals in their disciplines with whom the firm’s partners have forged close ties over the years and their common experiences.


With their experience and know-how in indirect taxation and transactions (VAT, indirect taxes, customs duty, excise duties), Hedeos’ partners have chosen to pool their skills in order to offer their clients a “high-measure” service.

Aware that a law firm, even a multidisciplinary one, cannot respond and understand all the problems encountered by its clients, Hedeos has chosen to develop and privilege a unique network of lawyers and professionals recognized in France and abroad in their disciplines, tax, legal and social.

The firm has forged close ties with these specialists, whose skills are made available to clients according to the specific needs of each case.

This requirement for “high-level” skills, the ability to build ad-hoc teams of recognized professionals as well as strong sectoral expertise make it possible to apprehend each of the firm’s files with creativity, responsiveness and expertise.

why choose us ?

Philosophy and Values

All the partners of the firm ensure compliance with the rules and ethical principles that govern the practice of the profession of lawyer, which are derived from the National Internal Regulations of the profession of lawyer (RIN).

Thus, Hedeos’ lawyers perform their duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity and demonstrate competence, dedication, diligence and prudence towards their clients.

Our partners are committed to the values of excellence, innovation and trust. They are committed to providing solutions with pragmatism.

They want to listen, be available and close to their customers, convinced that it is essential to favor direct and transparent relationships.

The experience, skills and expertise of our firm’s lawyers are the assurance and guarantee of a lasting relationship based on quality and know-how.